5 Cloud Trends to Watch in Government

The cloud has fundamentally changed the way government works. It has revolutionized the way agencies store and access data, increase their computing power and create and utilize software. The potential real-world applications of cloud adoption, with its various services and capabilities, are endless.

Today, government agencies at the federal, state and local levels are increasingly turning to cloud technologies to provide a wide range of services to their communities. This guide, 5 Cloud Trends to Watch in Government, offers examples of how organizations across the country are coming up with creative solutions and taking their use of the cloud to the next level.

These case studies exemplify the flexibility offered by the cloud and demonstrate how agencies can use the cloud to innovate and advance their missions.

Check out 5 Cloud Trends to Watch in Government to get:

  • An overview of key laws and initiatives that were put in place to help gov with cloud implementation.
  • Interviews with government leaders about current cloud projects.
  • An explanation of each key cloud trend and next steps to bring it to your agency.