NextGen 2020 Approval Toolkit

Need a little help getting approval from your supervisor to attend NextGen?

Your Approval Toolkit will contain the helpful resources to make a strong case to attend NextGen, including:
  • Justification Letter: We've compiled all the important NextGen details you need to make a strong case to attend the virtual Summit in this pre-written letter.
  • Sample SF-182 form: We've already filled out the form with the training details if you're required to submit it in order to get approval to attend.
  • ECQ Information: Understand how NextGen aligns with OPM's executive core qualifications.
  • 10 Tips for Asking for Training Budget: This article shares practical advice for asking for training dollars, even when budgets are tight.
  • NextGen FAQ: All of your critical deadlines and information in one place.
  • Bonus! You'll also receive a special promo code to get $20 off your registration rate!

What are your government peers saying
about their NextGen experience?

"The NextGen Summit truly changed my life. The speakers were incredibly inspiring and I felt as though they were talking directly to me."

"NextGen was more than just a training conference; NextGen is where I not only rediscovered my passion for public service, but also had that ‘Aha moment’."

"You’d have to attend about 7 weeks of training to attempt to get the best practices you can dive into here – categorized by where you are in your career, ECQs, and the latest and greatest in leadership and key skills."

"This is my first summit and I have to say, I am learning an abundance of new things to take back to Colorado that will be helpful in deciding my next career move. Bravo to the organizers!"