The Top 30 Government Innovations of 2017

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Government is rarely accused of having too much imagination. More often than not, it is spoken of in terms of red tape, stifled creativity, lack of resources, and layers of bureaucracy and old-fashioned legacy thinking. But these perceptions are outdated and wrong.

But in a year that has been turbulent in politics and the changes facing government, the public sector has not wavered when it comes to forging ahead with innovation that better serves the public.

In this guide, you'll find examples of programs, leaders, technologies and more that are truly changing the face of government.  In an era of increasing cyberthreats, workforce changes and uncertainty, these innovations are better serving citizens, creating efficiencies, doing more with less and helping communities.

Check out The Top 30 Government Innovations of 2017 to learn:

  • The top 30 innovations that brought major changes to government this year.
  • Government statistics on workforce, leadership and technology data.
  • Trends you can expect to see in 2018.